No One Tells You

I feel like writing an angry letter to the School of Education where I went to college. No one tells you how hard the first year of teaching will be. Not even college (which you likely spent at least $100,000.00 to attend for four years) prepares you for the first year of teaching. Sure, I completed all of the requisite coursework and the field experiences. I graduated with honors. I thought nothing could be harder than student teaching (oh yeah — actual teaching LOL). But I don’t remember any professor, at any time, trying to impress upon us the difficulty of the first year. To be fair, if college students had any idea of the misery of the first year, there would be no more education majors, so maybe they don’t tell you on purpose.

I feel like I’ve turned into this miserable, grouchy person that I don’t want to be. I’m stressed out, I’m exhausted, and I’m trying to quickly decide what other profession I can take up so that I don’t have to be a teacher again next year.

I don’t want to be completely negative. There have been good moments. There have even been good days. But right now, I’m sobbing on my couch trying to figure out how I got here and completely second-guessing my career path.

I know no one reads this yet, but if for some, weird reason this is stumbled upon in the future by another first year teacher… know that you’re not alone. I’ve been told it gets better. We shall see.